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Keto Rice-Low Carb

Low in carbs and calories: It is a great substitute for your regular rice. Our rice has 66% lower carbs than regular rice. It is keto-compliant and lets you enjoy a wholesome meal without the unhealthy calories. 

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High fiber and high protein: While regular rice is high in carb that may lead to a disturbed weight management, this rice contains a higher fiber and protein content. It feels light on the stomach, promotes better gut health, and keeps you fit, even upon daily consumption.

Low GI for diabetics: This rice is low on GI and well suited for a diabetic diet. It slowly releases glucose into the bloodstream, resulting in a lower sugar spike and better sugar control. It curbs hunger pangs and keeps one full for a longer time. 

Promotes weight management: Thousands have switched from their regular rice and have seen fantastic results. “Rice is my staple food but I always kept resisting it due to its unhealthy carb content. Lo! Foods’ Keto Rice is a game-changer. It’s ultra-low in carb and a perfect fit for my Keto journey. I feel fitter, and more active even while consuming it everyday.”

Tastes like regular rice: We have only altered the nutritional value of this rice, while keeping the taste of the regular rice intact. You can enjoy your favorite rice dishes that are now healthier and best for your fitness.

Cooks like your regular rice: The cooking process for this rice is very simple - add 20g of rice to 300ml water, cook for 10 mins on medium heat and keep stirring regularly, drain the excess water and serve hot. Soak the rice in lukewarm water for 10 minutes for better results.