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-14 kgs

Shweta Mehta

Lo! keto meals helped me to lose 14 kgs* in 9 months without giving up or compromising with taste in any way. The savory meals and accurately measured macros made switching to healthier food choices so much easier and complimented my fitness regime for weight loss perfectly.

-20 kgs

Imtiyaaz Shareef

When the pandemic began, I had gained weight drastically. I had known about the Keto Diet and I was feeling very unsustainable then, but there was a point where I gained almost 15 to 20 Kilos post which, I decided to try the Keto diet out. I have been on Lo! Keto Diet Plan for the past 1 year and I have already lost 20 kilos*.

-5 kgs

Srinivas Belavadi

I have lost 5 kilos* in 28 days and it has happened with the combination of both Lo! Keto meals and workout. Portion size is good and the meals are completely sufficient. Food taste and quality are really good and I like that Lo! has a variety of Keto options in Indian cuisine.

-5 kgs

Shanthi Priya

With the help of Lo! Keto plan, an hour-long workout, and intermittent fasting, I have managed to lose 5 kgs* in less than a month. The portion size is filling and the variety of options on the menu is good. I'm planning on continuing the subscription.

-5 kgs

Capt. MM Simon

I subscribed to Lo! Diabetic meal plan for sugar control. Earlier, my sugar levels were between 150 and 160, but after subscription, the levels dropped to 120 and below. There was no sugar spike. Portion size was manageable, and I also lost 5 kgs* with the help of their food plan.

-5 kgs

Shikha Bharati

I follow the Keto diet and I have taken Lo! Meal subscription nearly 3 to 4 times now. I have lost around 4 to 5 kilos* from Keto meals alone. Portion size is fulfilling, and the food is also good, perfect for the Indian palette. The best part is that Lo! has a variety of Keto options, along with desserts, for sweet-tooth lovers like me!

-4 kgs

Hanuman Prasad

I had subscribed to the weight loss keto meal plans, and it has helped me shed 4 kilos*. I have been following the Keto Diet. The portion size is good and the food quality is superb. I have re-subscribed for the Lo! Foods long-term plan.

-2 kgs

Radha Puttagunta

I have been following Keto diet for weight loss and I have lost 2 kgs* in 20 days. I was advised to follow the Keto Diet by my brother, who also suggested that I subscribe to Lo! Meal subscription plan. Portion size is large, and the packaging is attractive. There's a variety of Keto options on the menu which is filling.

Ms. Keerthy

I love all the meals I’ve tried on Lo! keto menu, but the Paneer Paratha is my favorite. All the meals were really fresh and tasted delicious. Props to the chef for making keto super tasty, and for the perfectly measured macros that kept me in ketosis.

Ms. Maya

Lo! is an absolute savior for choosing meals that are both vegetarian and carb conscious. Their subscription plan has solved all my problems of tricky guesswork while ordering, stressing over carb counts, plus the meals arrive right at my doorstep- that too with an evening snack!

Ms. Tanvi

Being a vegan on keto, Lo! has been my go-to place lately. I needed to follow keto not only for weight loss, but to manage my period pains. And I’ve been successful in optimizing my lifestyle with the help of Lo! Keto plans. Along with appetizing food, I loved their thoughtful service when they managed to deliver my meals to Pune when my travel got extended.

*The results mentioned are based on averages from over 100 customers who have reported weight loss. These results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.