By 2023, we aim to reduce the incidence of Obesity, Cardiac, and Diabetes-related diseases by 5 million.

India is the diabetes and heart attack capital of the world. Scientific research today concludes that all the above are primarily lifestyle-based diseases - in effect, they are caused due to our diet and habits. The latest research points to a diet high in Carbohydrates being a potential reason for these.

Indian food habits, in particular, have an extremely high component of Carbs, driven by Grains (Rice, Wheat, Lentils) and Sugar. A typical meal, even the thali, would have 80%+ carbs.

We believe that the only way we can impact the health of millions, is if Indians are given foods that they are used to eating, but low carb, healthier, and just as tasty. Only then will they replace their existing foods and make this a habit. Eventually leading to a sustainable lifestyle and long-term improvement in health.

The team at Lo! endeavors to create a line of Food products that will help make this transition to a low-carb diet for millions in India, seamlessly.