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About Lo! Foods

Lo! Foods has set out to bring a genuine impact on the health of 100 million Indians by making scientifically backed and tested low-carb products. We have pioneered the development of Indian low-carb foods that are authentically Indian in taste and texture, yet extensively tested to ensure their healthfulness. 

Within 2 years, we have become the leading brand in the Keto and Ultra Low Carb space; with top ratings and listings on all the Top E-commerce channels. However, after receiving funding of 2M, we anticipate growing 3.5 times in 18 months. The main focus is extending our channels to Offline Retail, B2B and Hospitals.

We have not only successfully experimented with the products, but also in distribution channels. We are among the handful of brands in India that also operate Cloud Kitchens and Packaged Foods with a presence of over 20 Kitchens across 4 cities - Gurugram, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Today, we are the largest Low Carb Cloud Kitchen Brand in India with 17 kitchens. Now we aim to expand to 35 cloud kitchens in ‌12 months in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Chennai through the Franchisee model.

The time has come to move to the next level of our mission, with a First-Of-Its-Kind Innovative line of Health Foods that aims to cut down the number of Carbs that India eats by 50 percent (from 75 to 85%). We have accomplished this through several months of R&D and comprehensive testing of our products. This also addresses a very large Health Segment that is unserved today and is set to explode in the coming years. Furthermore, we plan to expand our reach of potential customers through offline stores.



Bajo Foods is an ambitious company specializing in health food products with the aim of reducing the incidence of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiac related diseases in India by the year 2023. Helping us on this mission is our sub-brand, Lo! Foods, which promote healthy weight loss.

Here at Lo! Foods, our journey, although a tough one, has helped us formulate various Low-Carb and Keto products that promote weight loss. We have successfully created a wide range of Packaged products as well as Fresh Meals and Breads that are low in carbs and help you stay in ketosis. 

Our mission is well on its way with further research and development in the works and the promise of a Healthier and More Fit India.



Provide an affordable and tasty low-carb alternative, for everyday vegetarian food needs.

People assume if they have to diet, they need to compromise on taste and their food preferences. Or eat something that is exorbitantly priced!

And they do just that!

And, consequently, they break routine in a few weeks and are back to their old food habits. This is because the "healthy" options available today are either low on taste, or are so different from what we are used to eating (including comfort food); that we eventually cannot do that in a long term.

We differ on that. We believe there hasn't been enough innovation or effort to create foods that match the Indian habits and palate. Our product philosophy pushes us to relentlessly create products that Indian Consumers will immediately identify with, and adopt.


A common cause is what binds the Lo! Team - To help consumers embrace a healthier lifestyle through a Low Carb diet; with NO compromise on Taste.

The team consists of industry experts, veterans, and more importantly, passionate people. This wasn’t just about building a good business but drive change at scale. We wanted to create low-carb products for the world's second-largest population which practically lives on carbs. Products that work for BOTH, followers of diets like the Ketogenic diet, and millions of others who just want to eat healthier. Our committed team kept experimenting and refining the recipes until we could marry nutrition with tradition. Simple, but not easy.

The team focuses on innovation, by going back to the first principles of nutrition, dissecting Indian traditional recipes, and 'iterating' more than a hundred times for each product. And the result is a range of products that is authentically Indian, and yet nothing like what has been made already!

Some of our team members:

- Our Founder is also the Co-Founder of LeanScience, a boutique Diet and Fat Loss consulting firm that helps people become leaner through a low-carb lifestyle. The company counts some of the biggest names in the corporate world as its clients.

- Our Nutritionist has created customized eating plans, that are low on Carbs for hundreds of clients from different walks of life and time zones.

- Our Food Technologist is one of the most prolific creators of commercially successful Low-Carb products in the country

All of us saw clients (and occasionally ourselves) succumb and undo the discipline of an entire day or week in a single session. We decided to make what we wanted to eat, and suggest others to eat. Like many things, Lo! Foods was also born out of necessity.

An engineer from IIT-Kharagpur, Sudarshan did his MBA from IIM-Bangalore. Since then, he has worked in many startups and founded the boutique Health consulting firm - LeanScience. As the CMO at Ola, Sudarshan helped make Ola a household name and grow from a few thousand rides a day to a million in less than 2 years.   

Sudarshan has always had a strong interest in serving the country and transforming the way social services are administered to residents of India. A few years back, he quit his job and joined as a full-time volunteer in Nandan Nilekani’s team which was building the Aadhaar project. He wanted to contribute to a project, that he believes would transform the way social services are administered to residents of India.

He also worked with a team and built Road Mapp, an app that helps map the potholes on the roads and provides the data to the government for improving road quality.

An active sportsperson, he co-founded LeanScience in his most recent stint. LeanScience is an extremely successful boutique Diet and Fat Loss Consulting organization, that counts among the top corporate veterans of India as its clients.

He was also acutely aware of the need for healthy food in a market where nutrition was no more than a tagline. Thus, Lo! Foods was the perfect intersection of his interest in health, desire to make an impact, and entrepreneurial drive.


As COVID-19 has now become a matter of global concern, we have taken proactive measures to integrate all the WHO-recommended safety practices to help minimize the chances of the spread of the coronavirus. The safety of our customers and employees has always been the top priority for us, now more than ever before.

Here are a few steps that we have taken to create a safe and healthy working environment for everyone:

Temperature Checks:

All the employees, before entering the manufacturing facility, are mandated to go through a temperature screening process (to exclude persons with temperatures above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Employees Training:

All our employees are trained in the best practices of respiratory hygiene, proper method & frequency of washing hands, and identifying any associated symptoms. 


All employees are mandated to wear face masks (also known as surgical masks or respirators) upon entering the manufacturing facility. A fresh stock of facemasks is provided on a daily basis to the employees.


All employees are mandated to wear gloves upon entering the manufacturing facility. In addition to wearing gloves, the employees are asked to refrain from any physical contact and to frequently sanitize their hands.

Employee Social Distancing:

All employees are asked to maintain at least 3 meters distance from one another.

Working Shifts: 

Detailed schedules and procedures have been prepared by creating new shifts to help separate the workforce (minimize the number of employees at the facility) and give employees scheduling options that may help them manage new family obligations

Hand Sanitizers:

We continue to procure and have kept hand sanitizers throughout the facility so it is identified/spotted easily. Employees are trained to use them constantly and are also repeatedly reminded to use the hand sanitizers regularly.

Facility Cleaning:

We have the entire facility including the common working areas cleaned repeatedly regularly to maintain hygienic working conditions. This also includes the regular disposal of trash daily.