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Sugar Free Keto Brownie

  • Keto & Low Carb Friendly
  • 3.9g Net Carbs Per Serving
  • Clean & Healthy Ingredients
  • Tasty Keto Dessert
  • Lab Tested

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KETO FRIENDLY: Ready to eat Brownie, Made with Keto Chocolate. Ultra Low Carb Flour. Ensures one remains in Ketosis with barely any sugar spikes. Lab Tested.
TASTY AND GOOEY: describe how it is the best brownie possible in Keto diet. Heat slightly to make it more. Add Lo Foods Keto chocolate melted for even better indulgence.
PORTION CONTROL: 40 gms pieces ensure that you can do portion control and don't get carried away. Easy to store.
SUGARFREE, DIABETIC FRIENDLY: No sugar used. Using inhouse blend of Isomalt and Stevia ensures fibre and sweetness, with no sugar. Bring in Diabetic and Sugarfree related KWs.
CLEAN INGREDIENTS AND HEALTHY: No Maida, Palm Oil. Uses seed flours etc. High on fibre and protein. So overall healthy snack. Bring in all generic health KWs here.
LAB TESTED: NABL Lab tested. Done with Ketone meters also.