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Keto Dark Chocolate Bar

We at Lo! Take health a choco-lot seriously! Which is why our new Keto dark chocolate formulation includes unsweetened cocoa, stevia extract, and health-boosting ingredients rich in fiber, protein and antioxidants. Contains ONLY 1 grams Net Carbs.

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'Tis Now A Choco-Lot Healthier!

Take a bite into the healthiest-ever chocolate formulated using unsweetened cocoa, stevia extract and health-boosting ingredients rich in fiber, protein and antioxidants. Contains only 3 grams Net Carbs. Perfect gifting option for your loved ones- especially those health-conscious ones with a secret sweet tooth! No hidden sugars or after-taste!

• Formulated using unsweetened cocoa, natural stevia extract, high fiber & protein-rich ingredients. Contains only 3 grams Net Carbs so you need not give up on your favorite chocolates even when you are dieting. Ideal for all Low Carb diets • Stevia-sweetened Sugar-Free Premium Dark chocolate makes the perfect gifting option for all your loved ones, especially those with diabetes and those following Low Carb diets. • New Keto Chocolate from Lo! is proven to be 100% Keto Compliant, is NABL-certified and has cleared tests conducted Blood, Urine and Breath Ketone meters. • Prepared using Unsweetened Cocoa, Stevia sweetener and contains no hidden sugars. This makes our Keto chocolates and desserts diet and Diabetic-friendly as well. • Lo!'s Low Carb Keto Chocolate is the tastiest-ever Low Carb, Sugar-free Keto Chocolate available in India. Contains no lingering aftertaste too

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"These are too good to be true! They taste better than normal chocolates!"
Katerien Saddler