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Zero Sugar Sweetener

NATURAL KETO SWEETENER: Made with Stevia sugar free powder & Monk Fruit Powder with No maltodextrin, no sucralose, no aspartame, no maltitol/ no dextrose

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ZERO NET CARB, ZERO CALORIE, ZERO AFTERTASTE: Made with Natural Ingredients, this sweetner has zero calorie load and hence is well suited for all your diet needs. zero calorie & zero Net Carbs makes it keto friendly and ideal for your keto diet needs Helps in Weight Management TASTES LIKE REGULAR SUGAR, USE LIKE REGULAR SUGAR: With Lo foods Natural Sugar Free Sweetner no need to worry about taste or aftertaste, it tastes same as your regular sugar so use it the way you like it with any guilt. Ideal for cooking, baking, etc. SUGAR SUBSTITUE FOR DIABETICS: This sweetner is low in GI, with no blood sugar spike
YOUR NEW EVERYDAY SUGAR FREE SUGAR:Use it with your Tea, Coffee, Green Tea, Juices or just bake your favouraite Keto Cookies, keto cakes, Keto Sweets or Keto Snacks