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Low Carb High Protein Atta

Best-ever Low Carb, High Protein Flour option with a healthful boost of superfood seeds, soya flour and ground nuts. Must-have Low Carb staple for everyone on a high protein diet.

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Packed with Protein Power, Nutrition and Deliciousness

Healthy living can’t get any easier and tastier. Introducing the world’s first low carb, high protein Atta that tastes and puffs like a normal roti! Go-to Low Carb staple for those who are following a high protein diet.

  • With 8 grams of protein and just 4.7 grams of net carbs per serving, the high protein Soya Atta serves as the best multipurpose flour alternative for those who are following a keto or ketogenic diet, high protein diet, low carb diet, weight loss diet, LCHF diet or Paleo diet. 
  • Through the compilation of Superfood seeds, Soya Flour and Groundnuts, the high protein Soya Atta has been formulated to help build your overall health and nutrition. 
  • Can easily be replaced for a regular Atta to make your favorite dishes including pulkas, rotis, pooris, parathas, brownies, pasta, etc. 

"This is the Best low carb flour available online, i tried making pizza base,parathas and rotis with it turned out perfect and delicious..have tried almost every brand ..LO! Products are the best..never going back😊"
Parnini Virkud
"Really nice atta. I have many other as well but this is best i have discovered till. Roti is also soft nd I can see benefits of eating. Would highly recommend this to all."
Snatak M
"Lol atta makes my blood test report consistent.Doctor happy-I’m happy.Thanks for the good product recommendations."