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Keto Flour (NO SOY)

Absolute Keto Diet Companion: Lo! Keto flour with 1 g Net Carbs per roti is the best-ever soy-free keto flour alternative. Can be subbed for regular atta/multipurpose flour to convert conventional recipes strictly keto. Formulated using high quality ingredients and enriched with a healthy punch of fiber, protein and superfood seeds.

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Keto Diet Made Easier, Tastier, and For The First Time, Soya-Free!

Introducing Lo! Low Carb Keto Atta with just 1 gm net carb per serving, with No Soya. A must-have keto staple in every staunch keto diet follower's kitchen, especially of those who prefer a Soy-free flour option.

  • ONLY 1 g net carbs per roti. The best-ever soya-free keto flour option to make extreme keto diet easier and tastier done than said! 
  • Can be subbed for regular atta or multipurpose flour to turn conventional recipes strictly keto 
  • A must-have keto staple in every hardcore carb-counted keto dieter’s kitchen, particularly those who prefer a soya-free option
"This is the best out of all Keto Flour options available in the Indian Market. Extremely Low Carb, so you don't have to limit yourself to the 15gm Rotis like other brands. Binds very well without any effort, no aftertaste or bitterness whatsoever. Go for it."
"Finally a Keto product closest to our regular rotis & phulkas ! Tried lotta keto flours by different brands but this one is definitely the best in taste ,carbs is also just 1gm & satisfaction guaranteed of our indian rotis .keto is so easy for a vegetarian like me because of LO !"
Neha Kare Kanabar
"This is my honest review. Initially i was sceptical if this would work . but yes, it did I made chapati dough with this flour and it came out very well, in-fact it puffed up like the usual chappati. the flavour is good. Definitely a go! go! product for all keto lovers."
Mrs. Joanna Balan