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Ultra Low Carb Keto Atta

Extreme Low carb diets made easier, healthier and delish with Lo! Low Carb flour. Multipurpose flour alternative to turn conventional recipes uber low in carbs in an easy switch. This is the best-tasting and most affordable Ultra Low Carb Atta for the hardcore Carb counted Extreme Low Carb diets like the Ketogenic Diet.

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Must-have Atta for Everyone on an Uber-Low Carb diet

Healthy cooking starts with clean and healthful ingredients. Make your favourite rotis, puris, parathas, pancakes, Brownies, Breads and other fresh bakes with the best-ever low-carb flours enriched with the right nutritional value.

  • If you are on a hardcore Carb counted Keto diet, this is the best tasting and most affordable Ultra Low Carb Atta. can be subbed for regular flour in a quick switch to make Chapatis, parathas, bread, or cookies that taste and look as appealing as the ones made using regular flour. 
  • Formulated using low-carb ingredients and superfood seeds. With Just 3.2 grams of Net Carbs per Roti, this Ultra-Low Carb flour variant perfectly suits everyone who wants to make healthy eating choices, especially those on Low Carb diets such as the Keto, Atkins, Paleo, etc. 
  • Made with superfood seeds, the Atta not just delivers the lowest carbs; it also provides high fibre and protein; making it extremely nutritious as well. 
  • Yields low-carb, keto foods that look and taste as appealing as their regular counterparts and you can hardly tell them apart!

"Wonderful keto Atta. It tastes so good. Loved it too much. Thank you Lo Foods!"
Safura Khan
"One of the best keto aata that I've ever tried. Keto is not easy for us Indians as our main source of meal is Roti. But when I found this, it made keto super fun. Definitely a must try. The rotis are very flavourful and soft. I love this product."
Rajan Dudeja
"The only issue is...it’s wayyy too tasty so I usually end up eating more unlike other low carb tortillas. I think it tastes almost like whole wheat flour roti/tortilla. I wasn’t doing 100% keto but I was in ketosis due to low carb diet. It did not kick me out of ketosis even though I ate 3 roti/tortillas at a time."