Keto Coconut Cookies

Traditional tea-time biscuit reimagined with Low Carb ingredients so you don’t have to give up on your fave cookies.

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A Blissful Celebration of the Humble Tropical Wonderfruit!

Indians love their biscuits and have a long-standing love affair with the humble coconut. Lo! ‘s Coconut Biscuits is a beautiful celebration of these two for a whole new level of cookie bliss! Crunchy, crumbly and absolutely yummilicious!

  • Delicious tea time healthy snacks reimagined for any-time snack-attacks! Perfectly suits all diets including Low Carb diets including Keto, Paleo and Atkins. 
  • Great snacking option for people with diabetes, as well as those who are trying to lose weight 
  • Zero compromise on taste, texture or flavor so you can seamlessly transform to a Low Carb diet without evening realizing it. Contains no sugar or maida and we bet you can hardly tell! Breakfast, dessert, snack-time, or simply on-the-go, Lo! coconut cookies is your go-to option for your all-time cookie cravings. Absolutely sugar-free and we bet you can’t tell! Only 0.5 g Net Carbs per cookie. 

This keto snacks brand is a heaven for people who are on a keto diet. I have tried almost all products of Lo! Low carb delights and other keto brands as well. This brand definitely stands out for their outstanding taste and closeness to actual product. The after taste is also not there. Highly recommend these for any one who is following a ketogenic diet and are hunting for keto food products.
While searching for healthy snacks , I stumbled upon the Lo ! Foods coconut cookies . I was delighted to see it was pretty low on carbs and sugarless , just perfect for the late night snacking . I totally relied upon the other reviews and decided to go for it and I wasn't disappointed at all. I received my package today and tried the cookies and found the taste resembling the ones I used to have during my childhood days . I was skeptical about the after taste stevia has but that is minimal so I guess this was a good purchase. I will probably keep refilling on it cause I really did like it.
Gufran Khan
Thank you lo foods. As I am currently on keto diet and restrictions on foods to be consumed, but as I m working person I need something ready-made to eat and at the same time it has to be healthy also. And not to forget tasty also. Thank you go for it