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Keto Almond Cookies

Your all-time favorite Almond cookies now reimagined with a healthier twist in this low-carb, keto-friendly cookie option recreated using superfood seeds and nutritious ingredients.

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Baked Almond Deliciousness With a Healthier Spin

Cookies are best part of healthy snacking and Your all-time favourites now get an interestingly healthier spin! Fuel your health journey with delish almond cookies from Lo! reimagined with Low carb ingredients and health-boosting superfoods. Breakfast, dessert, snack time, or simply any-time, here’s the perfect treat to your all-time cookie cravings.

  • Only 0.5 gms Net Carbs per cookie: Our superfoods seeds formulation makes our almond cookies low carb, without compromising the taste and crumbliness of a biscuit. Great snacking option for Low Carb diets including the Keto diet, Paleo, Atkins, as well as, Vegan. 
  • Formulated for keto diet - Lo! Coconut cookies have been tested using blood and urine ketone meters by practitioners to show that you remain in ketosis. 
  • Retains the Authentic Indian flavor: The eternal favorite almond, now as keto biscuits. Our keto almond cookies add a hint of sweetness, make this a perfect tea-time low carb keto cookie, or a dessert snack to take care of the sweet cravings. 
  • Contains No sugar, maida or chemical preservative. Prepared using superfood seeds and enriched with high fibre and nutritious almond deliciousness. High fibre also makes these keto food products as healthy digestive biscuits. 

I ordered these cookies for the first time and must say i love the flavour and texture its so yummy and goes perfect with morning coffee ☕️ 😋 .. Will try more products of this brand
Manmeet Kaur
Value for money, the crunchiness of almonds is felt when you chew the cookie. Flavour is also good and the thickness of the cookie is great. Most importantly no sugar is used to make it. Personally I really like the taste of roasted almonds in the cookies.
Love the quantity especially for the price. The crunchiness of the product is amazing. The packing was done well and the products are still crunchier. It is very low in carbs and high in protein. I will replace my existing snacks with these low carb ones. I am very much satisfied with my purchase. Best option to buy for ketoers.