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Multigrain Protein Atta

  • Double Protein Than Regular Atta
  • Made With 7 Super Grains
  • High in Fiber

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DOUBLE PROTEIN THAN REGULAR ATTA: Our atta is made by 7 handpicked high-protein super grains such as Peanuts, Sattu, Chickpea, Soybean, Mung Bean, and Brown Rice. It offers 2x protein than regular atta which generally does not contain a pure protein blend of wholesome grains.
INFUSED WITH DIETARY FIBER: This atta contains more dietary fiber than ordinary chakki attas. It is highly recommended by nutrition experts for better digestion and good gut health. The high fiber content keeps you satiated, nourished, and aids weight management.
MAKE SOFT AND FLUFFY ROTIS: The composition of preservative-free real ingredients and all-natural taste in this atta makes your roti softer and delicious. This atta needs no special cooking intervention. Just knead the dough and prepare the rotis as usual. Serve your family protein-packed rotis that have the authentic homely taste.
PROMOTES BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL AGES: Whether you have growing children or aged elders, this atta is crafted with nutritious ingredients and a 7 protein-rich super grain blend that offers multiple benefits to all age groups. The protein content in this atta helps build muscle strength, boosts immunity, enhances fitness levels, and keeps one energetic throughout the day.