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Keto Bhujia

Low Carb doppelganger of your fave aloo bhujia now even better, with new & improved formulation. Crunchier, munchier, and tastier; We bet nobody makes Bhujia as nutritious or delicious as we do while going super easy on Carbs!

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India's Favorite Snack, No More a Junk Food!

Snack guilt-free on your fave bhujia now improvised and authentically hand-made using additional health-boosting superfood ingredients rich in fiber, protein and antioxidants. Contains only 2.7 grams Net Carbs per serving. This version has been formualted with an aim to improved the taste, flavor and crunch to a whole new level! Perfect for the health-conscious snack-o-holics following the Keto and other Low Carb diets. Absolutely no maida, preservatives or junk!

• In this new & improved formulation, your fave Keto bhujia gets crunchier, munchier and whole lot tastier! Authentically hand-made using ultra Low Carb ingredients & newly added superfoods and contains only 2.7 grams Net Carbs per serving. 

• We bet this is the best-ever bhujia given how it is too delicious to be healthy. We have improved the taste, texture and flavor of your fave keto bhujia. 

• All our products have been tested, and certified for the Keto diet. They are all NABL-certified and have passed ketone tests conducted using blood, breath and urine ketone meters. Also suits the Keto, Paleo, and Atkins. 

• Loved and recommended by numerous Indian Keto practitioners, given its healthy ingredients, unique keto formulation and lip-smacking taste. 

• Formulated using nutrient-packed superfoods that are truly worthy of their title and perfectly Low Carb to suit the Keto diet. • Is extremely nutritious and contains all the goodness of health-boosting ingredients such as vigna aconitifolia, superseeds like sunflower, flax, melon, pumpkin, groundnuts, soy and bengal gram. 

"Tired this low carb snack first time. It actually tastes good. Good packing , good taste and its healthy !!!!"
"Bhujia tastes a lot like aloo bhujia with the crunch. Absolutely loved the product. Would recommend it to all trying to look for something healthy but can't give up bhujia"
Tithi Shah
"Surprisingly tastes alot like aloo bhujia, but nutritious & healthier. It's definitely worth a try. Found my perfect binge eat snack!"
Amazon Customer