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5 Most Popular Ways to do a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet plans for weight loss have long been renowned for their enormous health benefits and demonstrated improvements in health parameters. In fact, researchers have shown that Low Carb diets can help you shed more weight than a low far diet. However, there are several kinds of Low Carb eating patterns and here are the most popular ones:

  1. Typical Low Carb diet: 

The eating pattern where one ditches the carbs and consumes more protein than usual. The diet emphasizes protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruits, as well as, healthy fats. The recommended daily carb limit depends on what your goal and preferences are, ranging from 50g to 150 g per day

  1. Keto Diet:

The ketogenic diet a.k.a. Keto diet is all about tricking your body into a state of metabolism wherein fat is burned to generate energy. That metabolic state is called ketosis wherein instead of running on carbs, your brain begins to rely on ketones. Your insulin levels that plummet make your body release a large number of fatty acids from its fat stores which are then transferred to your liver, which in turn is converted into ketones. This diet was traditionally used to treat childhood epilepsy and later on, given its anti-inflammatory and weight loss benefits, have become a popular fat loss diet. Keto foods are high in healthy fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. Usually, the carbs are limited to less than 50.

  1. Atkins:

The best-known Low Carb eating plan is all about reducing the high-carb foods and eating as much fat and protein as desired. In the first induction phase, you eat less than 20 grams of net carbs per day for 2 weeks and then slowly start eating low-carb veggies, fruits, nuts, etc in the second phase. That followed by adding more carbs until your weight loss decelerates and finally the fourth phase of maintenance where you can eat as many healthy carbs as your body tolerates without gaining the weight you lost.

  1. Paleo:

The popular way of eating that encourages consuming foods that were available in the Paleolithic era. It is all about returning to our prehistoric ancestors and emphasizes foods such as fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, seeds, and tubers. It is also about sugar, dairy products, grains, and processed foods at bay. Studies have shown that the paleo diet can aid in weight loss, control blood sugar levels and improve heart health.

  1. LCHF:

The Low Carb, High-fat diet a.k.a. LCHF is a standard very-low-carb diet but with a greater emphasis on whole foods. The LCHF diet is all about consuming ultra-low-carb foods that are unprocessed, with the main focus on healthy fats, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, fish, meat, and berries. The carb limit is restricted to about 20-100 net grams per day.