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5 Must-Try Low Carb Comfort Foods to Try This Winter

Satisfy your comfort food cravings and stay healthy this winter with a healthy dose of protein, healthy fats and superfoods. Warm yourselves up without weighing you down with indulgent carbs by trying out these Low Carb and healthier alternatives this winter. 

  1. Cauliflower rice dishes: while this is a healthy option year-round, it is one of the best Low Carb comfort food to try this winter season. With shredded and boiled cauliflower as a rice alternative, prepare pulao, biryani or fried rice with your choice of spices and fresh Low Carb veggies. 
  2. Low Carb Parathas: Hot yummy parathas stuffed with Low Carb veggies, paneer or cheese prepared using Low Carb Atta can be one of the best winter comfort foods. Easy to make, delicious, and healthy. What’s not to love?
  3. Roasted chicken: Soul-satisfying, healthy and delicious low carb dish makes one of the best comfort foods to try, especially for those who are into Low Carb diets like the Keto. You can flavor this dish with lemon and your choice of herbs and spices to make it absolutely scrumptious!
  4. Palak paneer: One of the best low carb delicacies that are best served with hot rotis in winter. It is a traditional winter dish and a flavorsome package with a whole bunch of nutrition for anyone on a Low Carb Diet. 
  5. Sugar-free til laddoo: Traditional laddoo reimagined with Low Carb, Sugar-free natural sweetener prepared using roasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts and laced with cardamom. Great to have during winter given its hot potency that will help keep you warm and cozy this winter.