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Gamifying Your HRMS: Engaging Employees in the Food Industry: A Recipe

The food industry is very dependent on creativity, teamwork, and people’s love for good food. So, how do you energise the HR (Human Resources) department in the same way? It’s important to note that an HRMS's functionality often deals with administrative responsibilities in many organizations. However, the importance of human capital seems to be underestimated for a food-focused company; it is still possible to notice, that the HRMS can be an effective tool for the staff motivation and making the work atmosphere lighter and more open. In general, it is being considered that an HRMS is only required to manage employee attendance or act as payroll software. Moreover, it also plays an important role in employee engagement activities which is sometimes a tedious task for any HR. 


Turning Learning into a Feast: 

Just imagine leaving behind the usual training modules and going on a spree to solve the food pairing challenges. Wine can be offered for tasting and employees can bet on which cheese they think goes best with that particular wine or what the best side dish to serve with spaghetti is. Games like quizzes and trivia nights about cuisine and cuisine enhancement can also be a fun way to learn new tricks and even initiate constructing rivalry between employees. The best part? Consequently, answers make a point and rise through the hierarchy of the learning platform, enhancing learning rewards. 


Gamifying Performance: So here and there a dash of healthy competition is necessary to add. 


Therefore, the game is not restricted to acquiring knowledge. HRMS can also be applied to make performing other tasks more interesting daily. Imagine the group who are members of different teams, that are participating in a “Beat the Clock” event involving order processing. The objective is to manage orders professionally and timely to ensure customer satisfaction and still create some element of the race to create competitiveness. They tried for one and the result of this was that employees are motivated while customers get their food on time. 

Recognizing Champions: If there is one thing that people love to indulge in it has to be sweets and so this was a sweet reward indeed. 

Extra effort for customers should not go unnoticed; Congratulations! An HRMS integrated with game elements can monitor employee engagement with feedback. Users who get good ratings and meet the customers’ expectations are referred to as the “Customer Champions. “ These are the top performers who get points that can be used to enjoy tasty things such as gourmet coffee or restaurant coupons. It is simple and makes employees feel valued especially for their hard work in providing customers with excellent services. 


A Recipe for a Healthy Team:

A happy team is a healthy team and a healthy gamified HRMS can help improve the health of the employees. It is clear that “Weekly Wellness Challenges” can be useful in improving health and giving points for the steps that include: walking daily, preparing diet food, doing exercises, etc. The reward strategies can achieve targets such as secure vouchers for 10% discounts for healthy meal delivery services or cheap gym membership services. It is useful for reminding the workers about their health objectives and encouraging people to advance their careers in the organization. 


Celebrating Your Secret Ingredients:

It can also be seen that rewards are not confined to the individual level only. Collaboration is closely related to effectiveness! ”Secret Ingredient” is a program based on the idea that an employee can recommend other workers who are outstanding team members and always add a positive vibe. These “Secret Ingredients” are then recognized in the company through the HRMS as an appreciation that comes with points which can be redeemed at an eatery offering fun food-related items that are not part of the workplace. It enhances crew appreciation and teamwork in the midst of doing their usual work. 


Beyond Points: 

Move over, to traditional points systems! Few HRMS offers a unique "Virtual Pantry" reward system. Employees earn points for good performance and completing tasks, which they can then use to "purchase" virtual ingredients within the system. Once they collect enough ingredients, they can redeem them for real-world food rewards or gift certificates. This creative approach gamifies the reward system and offers a delicious way to acknowledge employee achievements.


The Final Course: A Recipe for Success

These are just a few examples of how the best HR software can create a fun and engaging work environment in a food-focused company. By incorporating gamification into everyday tasks, rewarding outstanding performance, and fostering a culture of collaboration, companies can build a team that's as passionate about their work as they are about food.



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