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Does Exercise Speed Up Weight Loss in Ketosis?

Are feeling lazy or tempted to ditch exercise completely? But losing weight is your goal! In that case, the ketogenic diet may help with weight loss even without exercise, but exercise can accelerate the weight loss journey and offer other benefits.

Here's what you need to know about exercise and weight loss in ketosis:

The benefits of exercise on ketosis weight loss


can help speed up weight loss by increasing caloric expenditure and gaining lean body mass, both of which boost metabolism.


When on the ketogenic diet, exercising can speed up weight loss without

losing muscle,

since the body is not replacing as much glucose.


Some believe if you exercise too much when you are on keto, it could make your

body burn muscle

and stop your weight loss. The process of exercising simultaneously during the keto diet may be a little tricky for individuals who are high-performance athletes or involved in athletic activities.


The importance of the right types of exercise

To see results from exercising while on the keto diet, it is essential to engage in the correct types of exercises.


shows that the keto diet is better for weight loss than most low-fat, high-calorie diets.


on competitive athletes show that the ketogenic diet can increase the body's capacity to burn fat during physical activity, even at different intensities.

Resistance training and ketosis

Exercises like

resistance training

help burn fat and build lean muscle, which may change the body's fat percentage.

Ketosis may help an individual lose excess body fat, as the body begins breaking down its own fat stores instead of relying on carbohydrates for energy.

The bottom line

Exercise may seem difficult to do daily, but it's a valuable tool to accelerate weight loss and improve overall health while on the ketogenic diet. Additionally, for those following a keto diet, it can be challenging to find the right foods to maintain ketosis. That's why we offer a

keto meal subscription

and other

keto-friendly foods

to help individuals achieve their weight loss and health goals. With the right combination of exercise and a well-planned keto diet, anyone can achieve their desired results.






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