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5 Low Carb Diet Mistakes To Avoid When You are Diabetic

While carb restriction is key to efficient diabetes management, it isn’t foolproof just like any other diet form. There are several approaches to Low Carb diets and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to it. 

Goes without saying: Carbs can elevate your blood sugar levels and thereby it’s only basic that keeping carbs at bay via Low Carb diet approaches help manage diabetes. 

But following a carb restricting diet, especially when you are diabetic might not be so simple and most commonly people tend to make some mistakes. Here are some of the most common yet crucial mistakes that you can avoid to succeed at Low Carb diet for diabetes management:

1. Not Monitoring Your Blood Sugar:

While restricting carbs can help stabilize blood sugar levels, it doesn’t guarantee that they are stable. You can be prone to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia without careful monitoring. Thus, make sure to measure your blood sugar levels and adjust meal portions and medication dosages accordingly to better manage diabetes.

2. Focusing on Total Carbs rather than the Carb Quality:

Low Carb diets aren’t just all about what you restrict but rather about what you have included in your nutrition plan. As important as it is to not exceed your caloric needs and carb limits, it is also important that your diet meets all of your nutritional needs. When you focus only on restricting carbs, you tend to replace them with high-calorie fats such as artificial sweeteners. Thus, ensure to include healthy fats and natural sweeteners such as olive oil, walnuts, salmon, avocado, and stevia.

3. Not Evenly Distributing Your Carb Intake:

It can be quite challenging to sustain a low carb diet and at times you might be tempted to save your carbs for dedicated high-carb treat kind of snacks or meals. It is very important to evenly distribute your carb intake throughout the day so as to prevent dips and spikes in your blood sugar levels. You can divide your target of daily carbs by the number of meals you plan on eating through the day, inclusive of snacks. 

4. Missing Out on Fiber:

Fiber is key to improving insulin health, fostering weight loss, increasing satiety levels, and stabilizing blood sugar levels. But the issue is that when people who eat carb-rich diets don’t seem to be getting enough fiber. Thus, make it a point to include high-fiber foods in all your meals.

5. Not Staying Well Hydrated:

As simple as that might sound, many of us make this blunder, especially when following Low Carb diets. Going Low Carbs could get you dehydrated and lead to electrolyte imbalances. Make it a habit to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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