Get 1:1 personalized advice from
India’s leading dietitians

A 30-min free consultation session where our expert partner dietitian will : 

• Discuss your health problems and individual necessities/health concerns and weight goals

• Analyse your weight, BMI, food habits, lifestyle and everyday routine.

Why Subscribe?

We at Lo! Foods have always been driven towards healthifying the lives of our customers. Our dietitian-designed diet plans and quality-assured Low Carb food products have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals — but, more importantly, improve their overall wellness, as well as, happiness. And this new initiative from Lo! has been designed to support customers like you who have decided to switch to healthier lifestyle habits. 

Avail of a 30-minutes long 1:1 consultation session with one of the leading dietitians who would help you understand your diet better and guide you with a personalized diet plan to suit your health concerns and weight goals.

How It Works

This is a dietitian-connect program specially designed for Lo! customers who would like to be referred to certified dietitians across India whom we have partnered with, for an expert option and guidance.


A: Top Certified dietitians across India who have partnered with Lo! in their mission to help their customers seek professional help and guidance in switching to healthier lifestyle habits.

A: Yes, upon making a minimum purchase of INR 499 and above, you will receive an email redirecting you to the online sign up form. Upon filling the same, you will be enrolled for this program and will hear from us on the further steps.

A: We only offer a single free consultation with one of our partner dietitians.

A: Yes, your consultation session will be fixed as per your convenience and preferred time slot.

A: Yes, it would be an online consultation session. The details and links pertaining to the same will be sent to you shortly after confirmation.

A: Although this is a one-time session that we are currently offering, we are still open to feedback. Our customer service team will attend to all your concerns.