SuperFoods Bread

The life-changing loaf from Lo! Is packed with a dashing punch of antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense Superfood seeds and Low Carb ingredients. Healthify your toasts, sandwiches and tackle all your bread cravings by switching to this crust-worthy deliciousness. We bet you totally will fall in loaf!

Weight : 350g

7.5 gm


6.7 gm


5.6 gm


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Healthiest Bread Replacement!

Not only did we dream of perfecting the healthiest bread for all, but we did bake it happen! Lo!'s new Superfoods bread is baked in-house using our top-selling Low Carb flour. Healthifies your everyday toasts, sandwiches and tackles all your bread cravings in taste. Perfectly suits the entire family including those who are diabetic and dieting. Contains Only 3.3 g Net Carbs per slice.

  • Contains only 3.3 Net Carbs per slice so you can absolutely indulge in a few more 'extra' slices without worrying about the indulgent carbs. 
  • Dieting, diabetic, or die-hard keto, this freshly baked, crust-worthy deliciousness born out of an incredible knead to make bread for all suits everyone in the family. 
  • Freshly baked superfoods bread from Lo! is baked using our proprietary Low Carb flour that has been tested, recommended, and certified for the Keto diet. 
  • Can easily be subbed for regular bread to make your morning toasts, sandwiches, and other bread dishes healthier without having to compromise on taste and texture.