Keto Nachos : Peri Peri

The World's Favorite Snack Now Reinvented With Healthiest Low-Carb Ingredients And Crafted With A Premium Blend Of Mouth-Watering Spices For A Delightful Guilt-Free Snacking Experience!

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Tis Not A Party Without These Low-Carb Nachos!

Craving the crunch but worried about the indulgent carbs while relishing yummy Nachos? Lo! has got you covered with this reinvented recipe for world's fave snack with healthy low-carb ingredients tossed with lip-smackingly delicious spices. Anytime guilt-free indulgence.

  • Less than 2 gms net carb per serving. Low-carb take on the regular tortilla chips for a tastebud-shattering crunch! Recreated with coconut flour, soy flour, whole wheat flour, superseeds mix (flax, melon, pumpkin), groundnuts and flavored with a lipsmackingly delish spice mix 
  • Go-to choice of savory snacking for anyone who's on low-carb, keto, diabetic, weighloss and balanced diets. 
  • Its Nacho business- the best ever low-carb alternative to classic tortilla chips and you can hardly tell them apart!