Keto Smart Snacks Gift Hamper with Premium Chocolate Rochers

Gift your loved ones health this festive season. Perfect gift for your loved ones following the Keto diet. Includes Premium Keto Rochers and 5 units of premium healthy keto treats.

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Premium Keto Smart Gift Hamper Snacks & Chocolate | Keto, Healthy, Sugar-free

Mini hamper includes 5 units of 45g packs of Keto South Indian Mixture, Keto Bhujia, Keto Murukku, Keto Coconut Cookies, Keto Jeera Biscuits and 90g Keto Rochers. Mega Hamper includes 5 units of 200 g packs of Keto South Indian Mixture, Keto Bhujia, Keto Murukku, Keto Coconut Cookies, Keto Jeera Biscuits and one Keto Rochers pack

  • Our Keto version of these popular Indian Namkeen retains the same crunch and shape as their regular counterparts. Contains no added Maida, hidden sugars, junk, or chemicals; Keeping them authentic and deeply satisfying.
  • With Less than 5g Net Carbs, our Keto snacks and cookies are prepared using a special Superfoods seeds blend that makes them ultra low carb. Enriched with high fiber and nutrition, they are the healthiest-ever snack alternative for those on a Keto diet. 
  • Our products have been tested using Blood and Urine Ketone meters by Keto practitioners to show that you remain in Ketosis while eating what you love. Apart from the Keto Diet, they also suit Paleo Atkins and Vegan Diets.

"This is the best snacks which you can snack without guilt and moreover its tasty and wholesome. If you are a diabetic go for it , it does not spike your blood sugar levels because its low on carbs. Lo foods ! has made lives simpler because there is a tasty snack to munch with your tea. :) MUST TRY !!"
"If you are counting your carbs and are someone who enjoys your snacks Lo South Indian mixture has just the perfect blend of spice and taste to soothe those cravings. I have had keto snacks from other brands as well but snacks from Lo! comes the closest to matching taste to the regular snacks I used to have before I started keto."
Amazon Customer
"I follow KETO diet and was looking for some snacks option that is when I found Lo! Low carb delights. I ordered their south indian mixture and murukku. Never imagined they will be so tasty! Tried their ultra low carb keto atta and coconut biscuits as well. Their keto atta is one of the best keto flour i ever had. Thanks for existing!"