Keto Fudge Brownie Mix

Handiest keto dessert mix to curb your sweet cravings without worrying about the indulgent carbs. With zero added sugar and maida, here’s the secret to making the healthiest yet impossibly delicious brownies. Just stir in a couple of eggs and some oil, bake, and voila!

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Superfoods powered-secret to Baking the Ultimate Sweet Keto Comfort at Home

Introducing the healthiest-ever Zero Carb sugar replacement formulated using clinically proven safe-to-use ingredients like natural stevia leaves. Contains no added sucralose or sorbitol and absolutely no lingering aftertaste. Ideal as a tabletop sweetener, as well as for cooking and baking to convert conventional recipes healthier and sugar-free.

  • Ready-to-bake, Keto dessert mix which celebrates the enormous health benefits of healthful superfoods formulated using Low Carb ingredients and natural sweeteners so you no longer have to give up on your fave desserts. 
  • Prepared using our in-house Keto sweetener blend that contains no added sugar, sucralose, or preservatives. Leaves absolutely no lingering aftertaste. 
  • Is NABL-certified and have passed blood, breath, and urine ketone testing. Suits the diabetics, weight-watchers, as well as those on Low Carb diets like the Keto.

Question: Should I add eggs ? How long should I bake this for?
Answer: Please follow the instructions provided at the back of this pack. Just add 2 eggs, oil and bake it in a per-heated oven for around 25 minutes.
Question: Does this contain dextrose?
Answer: No, this ready-to-bake Keto Brownie mix has been formulated using our in-house Keto sweetener blend which is a no carbohydrate-origin sugar replacement.