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Keto Bread - Just 2.8g Net Carbs!

Planning on making a Keto Sandwich but your usual bread isn't low on carbs? Try our Keto Bread which is made from our signature Keto Baking Flour.

Available for Delivery in Bengaluru, Delhi - NCR, Hyderabad & Mumbai : Motilal Nagar, Chembur, Andheri, Lower Parel, Bandra, Kharghar Only.

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As India's leading brand of low carb and healthy foods, we at Lo! Foods are working towards delivering a reimagined line of healthy fresh foods that will help people transition seamlessly to a low-carb lifestyle. Our food habits has led to a massive spike in lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, etc., and each of them can be traced to a single culprit -- excessive carbohydrate intake! And the healthy meals delivered via our Meal subscription plans restrict carb intake and nourish you with healthy fats, protein and fiber. Result: Improved energy, rapid and healthy weight loss, stable blood sugar levels, and reversal of health conditions like PCOS, fatty liver, etc.