DiabeSmart Mixture, Diabetic Friendly

Popular & traditional Indian namkeen now redefined with a Sugar Smart twist. Absolutely guilt-free binge recreated using Low GI ingredients and Superfoods to solve the classic case of diabetes-induced food cravings.







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Authentic South Indian Mixture with a Sugar Smart Twist!

Authentic South Indian Mixture reimagined for the diabetic population. Lo! Has given a Sugar Smart twist to the most popular, traditional Indian snack to make it a perfectly healthy, guilt-free binge. Recreated using Ultra-Low GI, Low Carb ingredients, and Superfoods, this delicious diabetic-friendly snack is here to solve the classic case of diabetes-induced food cravings.

  • 50% Lesser Sugar Spikes guaranteed with this diabetic-friendly smart swap that releases glucose slowly and steadily into your bloodstream
  • Contains 2 times more Fibre & Protein compared to regular snacks so you no longer have to worry about unwanted sugar spikes or cravings.
  • Being as delicious as it is healthy, this is the smartest-ever snack replacement for people with diabetes and prediabetes. We bet nobody makes South Indian mixture as yummy as we do while going super low in GI.  
  • Specially formulated by our in-house nutritionists, this delicious Sugar Smart snack is dietitian-recommended for an everyday binge.
  • Prepared using premium Low GI, Low Carb ingredients and health-boosting Superfoods. Zero added maida, sugar, or preservatives.