DiabeSmart Bhujia, Diabetic Friendly

India’s favorite traditional Indian namkeen is now redefined for the diabetic population- Traditional “Bikaneri” Bhujia with a Sugar Smart twist. Dietitian-recommended daily binge recreated using Low GI, Low Carb ingredients, and Superfoods specially formulated to satisfy diabetes-induced snack cravings.







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Sugar Smart Spin to Authentic Bhujia

Introducing authentic Bhujia with a Sugar Smart Twist. Lo!’s new Ultra-GI version of your fave traditional Indian namkeen has been reimagined with Ultra-Low GI ingredients for a perfectly healthy, guilt-free diabetic binge. Our Unique Low GI formulation of slow-release Carbs helps minimize blood sugar spikes. Smartest-ever snack alternative for people with diabetes and prediabetes.

  • Formulated with Ultra-Low GI ingredients, this diabetic-friendly snack alternative releases glucose slowly and steadily into your bloodstream, resulting in 50% lesser sugar spikes. 
  • Our unique formulation, makes Lo!’s Sugar Smart Bhujia enriched with two times more Fibre and Protein compared to regular snacks. Moreover, Its special Low Carb profile also helps prevent unwanted sugar spikes. 
  • Our SugarSmart Bhujia is as delish as it is healthy; We bet you cannot find another snack replacement that is diabetic-friendly while retaining the authentic crunch and taste. Nobody makes Bhujia as bingetastically tasty the way we do while reducing its glycemic index. 
  • Formulated by our in-house nutritionist, this lip-smackingly delish namkeen is perfect for daily binge, as recommended by leading dietitians. 
  • Prepared using premium Low Carb, Low GI, and antioxidant-rich Superfood ingredients. Contains no maida, sugar, or preservatives.