DiabeSmart Atta - Low GI & Diabetic Friendly

Introducing the best-tasting, affordable, ultra-low GI diabetic-friendly atta from Lo! Specially formulated for people with diabetes (both types) and prediabetes, this dietitian-recommended Atta offers a 50% lesser sugar spike. Perfect for everyday use.







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Ultra-Low GI Diabetic-friendly Atta With 50% Lesser Sugar Spike

Most affordable, Ulta-Low GI diabetic-friendly flour from Lo! is born out of an incredible knead to healthify the diabetic capital of the world. With 50% lesser sugar spike, and 50% lesser carbs, not only does it help manage your blood sugar levels but also fosters weight loss. Suits diabetics (with both type 1 & type 2 diabetes), as well as those diagnosed with prediabetes.

  • With a 50% lesser sugar spike this Ultra-Low GI diabetic flour enriched with enormous amounts of fibre and protein releases glucose slowly and steadily so that your blood sugar levels are maintained stable. 
  • Formulated using high-quality ingredients and health-boosting superfoods. Contains no maida, sugar, or preservatives. 
  • Can easily be subbed for regular atta or multipurpose flour to make conventional recipes healthier and ultra-low in glycemic index. Perfectly suitable for both type I & type II diabetes

Question: Can I use this atta daily?
Answer: Yes, this diabetic-friendly sugar release control atta has been approved by NABL labs and is dietitian-recommended for everyday use. Just replace it for regular atta to make your rotis, parathas, and other recipes diabetic-friendly.
Question: Is this atta gluten-free?
Answer: No, this diabetic-friendly atta isn’t gluten-free flour.