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Keto Flour - 1 g Net Carb Per Roti
Keto Flour - 1 g Net Carb Per Roti

Keto Flour - 1 g Net Carb Per Roti

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Keto diet is now easier (and tastier) done than said!

Introducing the new and improved Lo! Low Carb Keto Atta with just 1 gm net carb per serving! The new Lo! Keto Atta is a must-have keto staple for every staunch keto diet follower, here's why:

- Extremely low carb atta for Extreme Keto Dieters
The Lo! Keto Atta is specially formulated for the hardcore keto dieters and for those who are on an extremely low carb diet. With just 1g net carb per serving, the Lo! keto Atta is perfect for those who are following an extreme keto diet with 20g - 30g net carb intake per day.

- 100% Keto Compliant & Recommended by Dietitians

NABL lab certified and Tested for the keto diet (Using blood, breath, and urine ketone meters). With the superior quality of ingredients and for such a low keto carb limit, this new keto Atta is trusted & recommended by dietitians for not only the keto diet followers but also diabetes diagnosed. The Lo! Keto Atta is also suitable for those who are following other forms of diet such as paleo, Atkins, LCHF, or a high-protein diet.

- Makes Keto diet easier

Can be subbed for all-purpose flour/ regular atta to make conventional recipes strictly keto in a quick switch. 

- Zero Compromise on taste
Super-squishy rotis made using this new Keto atta will look, puff, and taste just as a regular roti. 

- Extremely Nutritious

Is Loaded with superfood seeds, enormously high fiber & protein, and extremely low in carbohydrates

- Amazingly versatile

This extremely low-carb atta variant can be used to elevate the taste and healthiness of all types of low carb food products including keto bread, keto pasta, Indian flatbreads (keto rotis, puris, parathas), as well as low-carb desserts like cakes and cookies.