Keto Murukku

Who doesn’t love a good crunch when eating murukku? We have reinvented this traditional Indian snack for the low carb world. Absolutely crunchy, savory and delish!

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Mad For Murukku!

Your favorite murukku now recreated with Low Carb and health-boosting ingredients for anytime guilt-free snacking bliss. Lo!’s crunchy murukku comes loaded with superfood seeds, protein and fiber.

  • Less than 3 gms of Net Carbs. A go-to option for everyone who loves snacking but isn't willing to compromise taste, texture, or healthiness. 
  • Goes with all kinds of diet including Low Carb, Keto, Diabetic, as well as, balanced. Anytime guilt-free indulgence. 
  • Made using Superfood Seeds, groundnuts, Natural Protein and Low Carb ingredients and flavorful traditional spice mix. 

"Fabulous taste, low on carb. Helped me go through my ketosis diet with no issues."
"Nice taste as in keto u cannot have regular snacks. THANKS to this company for introducing keto friendly products for those on keto diet..hope they maintain integrity and improve on their quantity vs. Price charged."
"Never thought that a keto snack would actually match the taste of a normal snack, would definitely buy again!"
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Question: Is this a baked or fried snack? What kind of oil is used to prepare this?
A:nswer Our reimagined range of namkeens are deep-fried in edible vegetable oil (Palm)
Question: What kind of ingredients do you add in to make it keto-effective?
Answer: Lo! Namkeens are prepared using 100% natural and Low Carb ingredients that are highly nutritious and we have taken extra care to balance the macros for a perfect keto diet.