Keto Sweetener

Healthiest sugar alternative from Lo! without the indulgent carbs, or lingering aftertaste. With Zero Net Carbs per serving, this is the best-tasting multipurpose Keto sweetener blend ever. Perfect as a tabletop sweetener, as well for cooking & baking.

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Zero Carb Multipurpose Sugar Replacement with No Lingering Aftertaste

Introducing the healthiest-ever Zero Carb sugar replacement formulated using clinically proven safe-to-use ingredients like natural stevia leaves. Contains no added sucralose or sorbitol and absolutely no lingering aftertaste. Ideal as a tabletop sweetener, as well as for cooking and baking to convert conventional recipes healthier and sugar-free.

  • Formulated using natural ingredients like stevia leaves, corn-based erythritol and fructo oligosaccharides that have been proven safe to use. Zero added sucralose or sorbitol. 
  • Zero Carbs and 100% keto compliant. Contains no Net Carbs, has also cleared ketone tests and has also been NABL-certified. 
  • Use this instead of sugar in conventional recipes, as well as to sweeten your daily beverages, smoothies, desserts, jams, ice creams, pastries, mithais and juices. Perfectly suits all kinds of diets including diabetic, weight loss, and low-carb diets like the keto.

Question: Can I add this to my hot coffee or other beverages?
Answer: Yes, this sweetener is heat-stable and can be used in cooking, as well as baking.
Question: Does it contain maltodextrin or dextrose?
No, this Keto Sweetener blend does not contain any of them. It is a no carbohydrate-origin sugar substitute.