Keto Bhujia

Low Carb doppelganger of your fave aloo bhujia, minus the carbs and junk. Nobody makes Bhujia as nutritious or delicious as we do while going super easy on Carbs!

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India's Favorite Snack, No More a Junk Food!

Traditional Indian Bhujia, is now healthy! Made from superfood seeds like pumpkin, melon, flax; Lo! Bhujia is 65% lower on carbs, yet packed with the goodness of superfood seeds.

  • Less than 3 gms Net Carbs per serving. Low carb healthy bhujia is perfect to replace with, be it for tea time, party snack. No maida or chemicals makes it perfect as a healthy kids snacks. 
  • Perfect for someone who is looking for diet snacks for weight loss, be it keto snacks, low gi snacks, diabetic snacks or sugar control snacks. 
  • Namkeens are all about flavors and the crunch. We have recreated the original minty aloo bhujia flavors, along with the texture and crunch of the alu bhujia sev; making it healthy and deeply satisfying. 

"Tired this low carb snack first time. It actually tastes good. Good packing , good taste and its healthy !!!!"
"Bhujia tastes a lot like aloo bhujia with the crunch. Absolutely loved the product. Would recommend it to all trying to look for something healthy but can't give up bhujia"
Tithi Shah
"Surprisingly tastes alot like aloo bhujia, but nutritious & healthier. It's definitely worth a try. Found my perfect binge eat snack!"
Amazon Customer