Keto Dosa Mix

Traditional Indian breakfast mix recreated using Low Carb ingredients and healthful superfood seeds. Zero compromise on taste or texture.

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Healthier Version Of Your Favorite Traditional Breakfast Ready In A Jiffy!

Ready-to-make dosa mix reimagined in a keto version to boost its healthiness. Going easy on the carbs doesn't mean compromising on taste, taste, flavor, and consistency.

  • Easy to prepare: Ready-to-mix dosa mix can be used to prepare dosas in a jiffy! Make the batter by just mixing together the dosa mix alongside some water and grated cheese and prepare the dosas the regular way! 
  • Strictly Low-carb & Keto-compliant: Lo! Keto dosa mix contains 60-80% lower net carbs compared to regular dosa batters and has passed keto compliancy tests. 
  • Healthified with Superseeds: Loaded with superseeds including sunflower, flax, melon, pumpkin, sesame and groundnuts, Lo! keto dosa mix offers a nutritional punch to your favorite dosas. Enjoy keto dosas enriched with health-boosting proteins, antioxidants and omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids 
  • Zero compromise on taste: Contains defatted coconut flour, urad dal and rice flour so it tastes very similar to your regular dosa, and yet manage to be low on carbs and high on healthiness. 

"A great alternative to your regular dosa. Very feeling and does not taste weird at all. A must buy product on Lo Foods."
"This one is wonderful for those on diet... Very tasty, low carb, high protein... Best part is you won't feel heavy after having the dosa.. though your stomach will feel full."
Kiran G
"Great product and really good supplement to our taste buds during ketogenic diet. Healthy, tasty and filling at the same time which is a difficult combo to achieve"
Amazon Customer

Question: Can I use it for baking?
Answer: Yes, Lo! range of Low Carb flours can be substituted for regular atta or multipurpose flour/maida in all conventional recipes including Indian flatbreads and baked foods like cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.
Question: Does it contain soya?
Answer: Lo! Low carb flour and Lo! Keto Flour are both soy-free flours.