Low Carb Atta

Perfect Low Carb diet companion: Lo! Low Carb Flour is the best-ever soy-free flour for everyone who wants to switch to healthy eating habits. Delicious blend formulated using high quality ingredients, loaded with fiber, protein and superfood seeds.

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ATTA-BOY! Best Ever Low Carb Diet Companion

What if we offered you India's first Low Carb Atta with NO Soy? And would you believe it if we told you that it tastes like a regular Roti, puffs up like a regular phulka, makes amazing stuffed parathas and pooris, and forms the base for moist Low Carb and Keto brownies.? Well, here you go!

  • Healthy eating just got easier with the most delicious Low Carb flour with Lo! Low Carb Atta! Low Carb diet or otherwise, this is the best-ever flour alternative that can be replaced for your regular atta/multipurpose flour in a quick switch. 
  • Contains NO Soya: Must-buy for everyone who wants to eat healthy and those who prefer a soy-free Low Carb flour alternative. 
  • Formulated using whole wheat flour, Groudnuts, Isolated Wheat Protein, Seeds mix (Sunflower, Flax, Sesame, Melon, Pumpkin), and Defatted coconut flour 
  • Only 4.5 gms Net Carbs per roti. You can now have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even tea-time snacks; all the while staying 70-80% lower on Net carbs. 

"I have used many Keto products. This is the third time I am ordering the Atta from Lo Foods. I also ordered the sampler package a couple of times before. I like Lo Foods over other Keto options simply because of the taste and the after taste. This is by far the best keto diet product I have consumed. I could successfully lose the side-fats last Sep/Oct and gained back with all these celebrations towards the end of the year. I am hoping to see the magic once again with this purchase."
Kumar Adarsh
"Amazing product. If you are buying to keep your blood sugar levels low, it does the work. Eat rotis without worrying about sugar levels."
"Rotis made are soft and tasty. Must buy for people in Keto diet."
Chitransh Khanna