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Does Exercise Improve Your Keto Diet?

You already know that exercising has MANY health benefits. From tackling obesity to lowering blood sugar levels and improving heart health, 30 minutes of exercise every day keeps you fit and healthy!

Similarly, exercise improves your Keto Diet and helps you lose weight faster!

Let’s dive right in and find out how!

Does exercise speed up weight loss in ketosis?

Yes! Exercise helps speed up weight loss and also lowers your blood sugar levels! Moderate to High-intensity exercises can help you burn the glycogen stored in your body faster. This causes your body to enter a state of ketosis where you will burn fat to produce ketones. It helps boost your metabolism and thus achieve ketosis!

What is the effect of exercise on Blood Glucose Levels?

When exercising, your body uses glycogen stored in your muscles for energy. It also helps activate GLUT 4 transporters which carry glucose from your blood to your muscles for energy. When your blood glucose levels are low, your body enters ketosis, which is great for those following low-carb or diabetes diets.

Remember, moderation is always key! Measure your blood glucose levels during your workout at various intervals:

  • Before an exercise session
  • During an exercise session (every 30 minutes)
  • After an exercise session

If you have diabetes, check in with your medical team to find the exercises best suited to you.

How does exercise affect Ketone Levels?

When your body runs out of carbohydrates, it starts burning fat. When free fatty acids break down in your liver, ketones are produced. During exercise, if your body does not get enough glycogen for energy, it will use ketones as fuel. As a result, more ketones will form in your liver to fuel your exercise! This will help you lose weight faster on the keto diet!

Should you eat more carbs if you exercise on Keto?

A typical Keto diet allows you to consume up to 35 grams of carbs everyday. You can increase your daily carb intake depending on the type of exercise you practice. High-intensity workouts allow you to up your carb intake safely while maintaining ketosis.

But do not overdo it! Consuming too many carbs will ultimately kick you out of ketosis. So be mindful of what you consume!

Tips for Exercising on Keto

Slow and Steady wins the race!

If you are a Ketoer, take it slow! Ease into the exercises and take your time building metabolic tolerance. Your body is adjusting to your new diet and needs time to get your energy levels back up! Exercising takes up a lot of energy, and too much of it can make you feel tired and even sluggish !

Strength training over HIIT

This may come as a shock, but strength training and other low-intensity workouts actually help you lose weight faster than HIIT ! Low-intensity aerobic exercises rely on fat as the primary fuel. This helps you burn more fat and hence lose weight.

High-intensity workouts require bursts of energy from your muscles. The primary source of this is glycogen! Since your body is in a carbohydrate deficit, HIIT may not be suited to your diet!

Select the best type of Keto Diet for you

Yes! There are MULTIPLE types of Keto Diets, each for different health goals. Check them out here !

Select the health goal you are looking for and know your Ketos before you dive in!

Hydration is key

Always carry a water bottle with you! Exercising can lead to dehydration which can throw off your electrolyte balance. So always stay hydrated when exercising and eat potassium and magnesium-rich foods to keep up your electrolytes!

Schedule your meals and workouts!

Eating before a workout gives you more energy and strength to exercise. Alternatively, working out in a fasting state can help you lose weight quickly but may also make you tired. Experiment with different eat-exercise schedules and find the best one for your body! Remember, your body needs proteins to build and repair your muscles. So make sure to include proteins in your diet!

The bottom line

Moderation is the gateway to a good and healthy Diet! While exercise on Keto has many positive effects on your health, going overboard can cause harm! Make sure to choose the best exercises for you and the best eat-exercise schedule to fuel your workout!

Happy exercising!


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